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Interviewing children is tricky. There are clear government guidelines how it should be done by people with specialist training.

However, it turned out that it was Anneli Auer’s brother Ari Auer together with his wife Minna Auer, who interviewed Anneli’s smallest three children on video several times after Anneli was suddenly acquitted by Appeals Court and released from prison in spring 2011.

These home videos Ari Auer handed over to the prosecutor Jarmo Valkama in August 2011 as new evidence in the Ulvila murder case. He had the whole summer to rehearse the stories with the children. In the meanwhile Anneli was prevented from having contact with her children. Her brother took the children for a long sailing trip, far away from their mother. This way the government guidelines were bypassed altogether. How did the authorities let this happen?

Anneli’s traumatised children eagerly tell horror stories about their mother and their older sister to their uncle. Nearly five year’s after the murder of their dad, the children claim that their mother killed farther together with their 9-year-old sister, and that it was all pre-planned. They tell that their mother had made them to write 666 on the wall with their dead dad’s blood and ashes. They tell that they used to have to do animal sacrifices on Sundays, killing and torturing cats, mice and birds. They tell anything to anyone willing to listen, to make sure that they do not need to go back to their mother, whom they are very, very scared of. How did the authorities let this happen?

Well, the children were lucky, because there has been an army of people listening, and believing their stories. Some of them call themselves experts in the field. Other experts disagree. The one’s that disagree have actually got the training and experience to say so.

Here comedian Jimmy Kimmel as Officer Jimmy, the Lie Detective, interviews a child using a self-made lie detector.

We must note that this child witness is not scared of anything or anyone. Therefore his stories are quite entertaining compared to the stories that Anneli’s youngest three came up with.

I can’t say whether the pink Truth Fairy in the video clip would represent the social services, or the “kind and understanding” psychologist, involved in interviewing Anneli’s children by the authorities at a later date. What I can say is, that the whole case is an embarrassment for the Finnish legal system, when fabricated stories of Satanic rituals and rape are used as evidence behind closed doors, and the prosecutors bring religious secret witnesses in the court room, who believe in the existence of Satan.

What is the point of issuing any government guidelines about interviewing children, if they are not adhered to? Once the children have been allowed to create untrue stories in their minds, those will become false memories mixed with memories of true events. The credibility of the stories is now zero, and yet there are adults willing to believe anything and everything the children come up with.

The Supreme Court in Finland referred the Ulvila murder case back to the District Court last year, because the prosecution had presented thousands of pages of new evidence based on the children’s stories. The proceedings start again in August this year.

The Pori District Court was going to publish some of the children’s stories last week, but the prosecutor and the lawyer representing the children prevented it by appealing against the decision. I am guessing that the District Court would have published the parts of the stories that did not contain porn, like the stories of Satanic rituals.

It is paramount that the public can see for themselves how these stories came about. The children’s mother has been publicly accused of sexually abusing her own children, and a 9-year-old child has been accused of been part of the murder of her own farther. It is very important to find out what did actually happen, and what did NOT happen. Three people stand accused of horrific acts, and their reputations should be protected from false accusations, especially when there is no supporting evidence to the claims, nor supporting witnesses. Four other children, who were claimed to be present when the alleged abuse took place, deny that the stories are true.

It is very important for the three little accusers, too, that the truth of the matters comes out. It is too big of a burden for them to carry for the rest of their lives, that innocent people, one being their own mother, have been put into prison with long sentences, only because of their fearful fantasy stories. When the children grow up they will be able to tell who, or what, made them to tell these stories. It is the responsibility of authorities to get their stories right, so that innocent people do not have to suffer, and the children do not have to suffer either. It is time for the real Truth Fairy to sort it out.

Inspector Cluesoe or Clueless?

Detective Inspector Erik Salonsaari from the small town of Pori is the third investigating officer in charge of the endlessly ongoing Ulvila murder case, and now also in the fictitious child sex abuse investigations. Apparently Erik Salonsaari wears high heels to look taller…


Erik SalonsaariErik Salonsaari in a TV interview

Inspector Clouseau (or Clusoe in England)

“Clouseau is a bumbling and incompetent police detective in the French Sûreté, whose investigations are marked with chaos and destruction that he himself largely causes. His clumsy attempts at solving a case frequently lead to misfortune for himself and others; in the 1976 film The Pink Panther Strikes Again, he cannot even interview witnesses to a crime without falling down stairs, getting his hand caught in a medieval knight‘s gauntlet and then a vase, knocking a witness senseless (and voiceless), destroying a priceless piano, or accidentally shooting another officer in the backside. Clouseau is also not particularly intelligent, and will frequently follow a completely idiotic theory of the crime, solving the case only by accident. His incompetence, clumsiness and stupidity, the fact that he is usually right, and his ability to always survive perilous situations are enough to eventually transform his direct superior (former Chief Inspector Dreyfus) into a homicidal psychopath – to such a degree that Dreyfus even goes so far as to construct a doomsday device and threatens to destroy the world in a desperate attempt to kill Clouseau.”

SOURCE: Wikipedia. Clicking on the picture will open the page.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau

It would be very funny if it wasn’t so very true…Inspector Salonsaari is responsible for having two innocent people behind bars, and their lives and families destroyed. There is no excuse for incompetence in his position. Inspector Salonsaari is also responsible for the demonisation of the accused in the press. Their reputations are in tatters for life.

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ULVILA MURDER VICTIM, and a few questions that will never be answered?

Ulvila murder victim was 51-year-old Jukka Lahti who was a social psychologist and farther of four children. Jukka Lahti worked for Luvata Ltd in Pori, where he was responsible for supporting workers who were facing the sack. Luvata Ltd is a company that produces copper and other metal parts. Jukka Lahti had received death threats for several months, and the first investigating officer in the case, Juha Joutsenlahti, thought that the murder was about revenge.

Ulvila home and victim Jukka Lahti RIP

Ulvila family home, and victim Jukka Lahti R.I.P









The victim’s wife, Anneli Auer, claimed that a masked outside assailant stabbed her husband several times. She had also received a stab wound through her breast while trying to fight off the assailant. She then ran off to the telephone in their kitchen to make an emergency call. Her eldest daughter, then nine, woke up and was left to attend the phone, while mum was asked to check whether the intruder was still in the house.

If the murder was about revenge, what was it about? Had someone lost their job, and then possibly their home, and their wife? Did someone hold Jukka Lahti responsible for their own personal misfortunes?

Had Jukka Lahti offended someone in the sleepy Ulvila suburb? Jukka Lahti was known to be a straight talking man. He was also known to be sceptical about the existence of God. Had he offended someone’s religious sentiments? Ulvila is near Pori in Satakunta province West of Finland, which has a long history with religious movements like Laestadianism and Pentecostalism.

Did Jukka Lahti know something he had to be silenced for? Had someone told him sensitive information? Was the murder done by a hit man? Why didn’t the murderer say anything, was he perhaps a foreigner, or didn’t he want to be identified from his voice?

It turned out that Jukka Lahti had called several times Porvoo police department, hundreds of kilometres from Pori, only weeks before his death. Someone in that police department had looked into Jukka’s information on their database. No one in the Porvoo police seems to know why Jukka Lahti had contacted them, and who had accessed his data and why? Who was that information passed on to? What were these phone calls all about?

Finally, who killed Jukka Lahti and why? It was not his wife Anneli Auer, that I am sure of. She was acquitted by the Appeals Court in July 2011, and the so called new evidence the prosecutors have, is just ridiculous.



Changes in the line of murder inquiry

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A year after the murder the first investigating officer Juha Joutsenlahti tried to transfer the Ulvila murder case investigations to The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), as no progress was happening. Over 750 DNA samples had been analysed, and a wrong man arrested for a week in July 2007.

Finland’s National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero decided suddenly to intervene. He prevented the transfer to the NBI, because according to him Satakunta police force (read Pori police) were able to handle the case. Mr Paatero had the confidence, as he himself comes from the same area of Finland. A new investigating officer, Pauli Kuusiranta, was appointed in August 2008.


From now on the only line of investigation was that the wife, Anneli Auer, must have been the perpetrator. The previous investigating officer maintains to date that Anneli is innocent. This disparity has caused frictions in the Satakunta police force, that have manifested in speculation and gossip. A year and half’s investigations were disregarded by Pauli Kuusiranta, who took the easy option of nailing the wife.

In February 2009 an undercover officer is planted in Anneli Auer’s and her children’s life as a prospective new boyfriend. The officer led her to believe that there was potential for a long lasting relationship, and Anneli’s children took a liking to him. The undercover officer did not find any evidence to support any of the crimes that Anneli has been accused of.

Considering the loss that Anneli and her children had already suffered, planting an undercover officer offering false hope of a new brighter future, was a very underhand tactic, that conventionally is used only in narcotics and organised crime investigations. The only outcome was further suffering for a vulnerable family, and their total loss of trust in other people’s motives.

27.09.2009 Anneli Auer is arrested, and jailed the day after, for the murder of her late husband. Her children are taken away temporarily to a children’s home. Three days later the police claimed that Anneli had confessed to the murder. It turned out that the “confession” was illegally obtained under duress and coercion. The police was pressurising her and presenting false information to both her, and her eldest daughter, then 12 year’s old. Sleep deprivation, police trickery and the absence of her lawyer later invalidated the “confession”.

To be continued…I will also add links to all the relevant names mentioned in the article.

Crime Case of the Century in Finland

The Ulvila murder case – The background

In December 1st in 2006 a family of four children had gone to bed in a small town called Ulvila in Finland. At 02.43 am an emergency call was made by the mother and her oldest daughter, then nine years old. In the call they tell that there is an intruder in the house killing the husband, and they plea for help with desperate voices. In the emergency call recording the husband’s cries for help can be heard in the background. He is calling his wife by name to come and help. Also the sounds of the battle can be heard, the sounds of someone hitting an other person, and furniture moving.

The police arrived to the crime scene promptly, about two minutes after the emergency call had finished, but it was too late for the husband, who was declared dead at the scene. The wife had received a stab wound through her breast that punctured her lung. She was taken to the hospital, where she was later interviewed by the police. The intruder had managed to flee the scene before the arrival of the police.

The wife and daughter tell the police that a masked man wearing a black hoodie had broken into the house through a glass window on their patio door. The man had attacked the husband and stabbed him several times as they were battling in the bedroom. The husband had also been hit by a blunt instrument in the head to finish him off while the emergency call was going on.

The wife and her four children (aged 2, 4, 7 and 9.) continue their lives without dad. Anneli, now a single mum, is feeling lonely and decides to go on a popular and well known dating site to have a chat. There she meets my brother, also a single dad of two boys. They meet up, it is now a year after Anneli’s husband’s death. On their second or third date Anneli reveals who she is and what has happened in their family home a year earlier. Despite warnings of his friends (“she will bring you trouble”), my brother decides to go on dating Anneli. In his own words :”I didn’t think the family had lepracy. They were victims of a horrific crime”.

Anneli and my brother dated about six months before my brother decided to move back to his hometown Helsinki in spring 2008. They remained in friendly terms.

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