This is a true story about a man who woke up one morning to eight police officers standing at the end of his bed. He was arrested with horrific charges. His flat and vehicles were searched and he was not allowed to call anyone. He spent five and half months in total isolation before he was moved to a different prison block. He is innocent of the charges brought against him, but remains in prison with a ten year sentence.

Three days after the arrest a female police officer called his elderly dad, then 79 year old, to say that his son was in Turku (Finland), and needs cigarettes and clothes. She “forgot” to mention who she is and where exactly the son was, i.e. in a police cell. The old dad thought it was some kind of a prank as the taxi driver lived in Helsinki, 200 km from Turku.

I am the older sister of the Helsinki taxi driver. I live in London, England, where I have been for the past fifteen years. I have lived also in Stockholm (Sweden), Paris (France) and Madrid (Spain). I have decided to publish the story of my brother in this blog, as the Finnish media has been conducting a typical “trial by the media” publishing only demonising material fed to them from the police and the prosecution. The accused have been denied justice by freezing their money, giving gagging orders to their lawyers, holding trials behind closed doors, and ordering all documents to be kept secret for 60 years.

Two innocent people are in jail, their reputations and their families destroyed. It is my duty to let people know what exactly is going on in a small European country called Finland. The country of Nokia is feeling very ill. The corruption and incompetence in the Ulvila murder case goes to the highest levels of authorities, and no one has the courage to take action for the fear of the bullies (I’m talking about other authorities, not members of the public).

The twists and turns in the Ulvila murder case beat easily the plots in the Danish television series “The Killing” and the Swedish film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. The difference is that I am writing about a true story, happening right now under all our noses. As one of the investigating police officers in the Ulvila murder case, Pauli Kuusiranta, proudly announced back in 2009; “this is the crime case of the century in Finland”.

I only hope that the compensation will match that, when the accused are finally cleared and freed.

The appeals court starts on the 28th of January 2013, and ends on the 10.04.2013. The verdict will be given about a month later.


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  1. Heavens!
    So glad to see that you are writing the story for the world to see. Brilliantly scripted and gripping. I hope that this spreads and spreads and helps the truth come out…