Child witnesses

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Interviewing children is tricky. There are clear government guidelines how it should be done by people with specialist training.

However, it turned out that it was Anneli Auer’s brother Ari Auer together with his wife Minna Auer, who interviewed Anneli’s smallest three children on video several times after Anneli was suddenly acquitted by Appeals Court and released from prison in spring 2011.

These home videos Ari Auer handed over to the prosecutor Jarmo Valkama in August 2011 as new evidence in the Ulvila murder case. He had the whole summer to rehearse the stories with the children. In the meanwhile Anneli was prevented from having contact with her children. Her brother took the children for a long sailing trip, far away from their mother. This way the government guidelines were bypassed altogether. How did the authorities let this happen?

Anneli’s traumatised children eagerly tell horror stories about their mother and their older sister to their uncle. Nearly five year’s after the murder of their dad, the children claim that their mother killed farther together with their 9-year-old sister, and that it was all pre-planned. They tell that their mother had made them to write 666 on the wall with their dead dad’s blood and ashes. They tell that they used to have to do animal sacrifices on Sundays, killing and torturing cats, mice and birds. They tell anything to anyone willing to listen, to make sure that they do not need to go back to their mother, whom they are very, very scared of. How did the authorities let this happen?

Well, the children were lucky, because there has been an army of people listening, and believing their stories. Some of them call themselves experts in the field. Other experts disagree. The one’s that disagree have actually got the training and experience to say so.

Here comedian Jimmy Kimmel as Officer Jimmy, the Lie Detective, interviews a child using a self-made lie detector.

We must note that this child witness is not scared of anything or anyone. Therefore his stories are quite entertaining compared to the stories that Anneli’s youngest three came up with.

I can’t say whether the pink Truth Fairy in the video clip would represent the social services, or the “kind and understanding” psychologist, involved in interviewing Anneli’s children by the authorities at a later date. What I can say is, that the whole case is an embarrassment for the Finnish legal system, when fabricated stories of Satanic rituals and rape are used as evidence behind closed doors, and the prosecutors bring religious secret witnesses in the court room, who believe in the existence of Satan.

What is the point of issuing any government guidelines about interviewing children, if they are not adhered to? Once the children have been allowed to create untrue stories in their minds, those will become false memories mixed with memories of true events. The credibility of the stories is now zero, and yet there are adults willing to believe anything and everything the children come up with.

The Supreme Court in Finland referred the Ulvila murder case back to the District Court last year, because the prosecution had presented thousands of pages of new evidence based on the children’s stories. The proceedings start again in August this year.

The Pori District Court was going to publish some of the children’s stories last week, but the prosecutor and the lawyer representing the children prevented it by appealing against the decision. I am guessing that the District Court would have published the parts of the stories that did not contain porn, like the stories of Satanic rituals.

It is paramount that the public can see for themselves how these stories came about. The children’s mother has been publicly accused of sexually abusing her own children, and a 9-year-old child has been accused of been part of the murder of her own farther. It is very important to find out what did actually happen, and what did NOT happen. Three people stand accused of horrific acts, and their reputations should be protected from false accusations, especially when there is no supporting evidence to the claims, nor supporting witnesses. Four other children, who were claimed to be present when the alleged abuse took place, deny that the stories are true.

It is very important for the three little accusers, too, that the truth of the matters comes out. It is too big of a burden for them to carry for the rest of their lives, that innocent people, one being their own mother, have been put into prison with long sentences, only because of their fearful fantasy stories. When the children grow up they will be able to tell who, or what, made them to tell these stories. It is the responsibility of authorities to get their stories right, so that innocent people do not have to suffer, and the children do not have to suffer either. It is time for the real Truth Fairy to sort it out.